Planet X -The Destroyer

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Nibiru, the Planet of the Crossing was foretold by the ancient Sumerian civilization (Babylonia) as passing through our solar system every 3600 years. During its passage it would come close enough to our Earth to create cataclysmic events in the way of climate and earth changes, climaxing with a major pole shift.


This is one of many theories, another is that the only change we will see is that mankind becomes united under a united federation of planets, the world as we know will change but not to the brink of destruction, an new dawn will begin, but with man evolving with unity and love. there will be some structural damage to the earth, this is foretold to, and this will be a trying time for the people of earth, but they will prevail and move on. most religious writings tells us to beware of false prophets, the events in this video are just on of them. there will be many more. :0)
By Mark Walder 6 years ago
Ah, thanks a lot!
For this answer, so quickly!
Oh, I am sorry! Because I just come from pointing out that the name at the end, was the title of this music!
Sorry, for my English! ^^
By Suh 6 years ago
The Name of the music in this video is "Forest Hymn" by the Deep Forest
By Skywatch-Media 6 years ago
Hi ! Your video is very good! And, I live the music! You can pass me the title of music? Thanks!
By Suh 6 years ago
Nice clip and music too.
I love it, and i believe in Sumerian Nibiru genesis !
By Nacim Bagwell 7 years ago