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    Laissez-Faire Social Club

    by Laissez-Faire Social Club

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    Platinum-Selling Beef earned critical and popular success by exploring the history and evolution of verbal warfare in Hip Hop. From Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee to 50 Cent and Ja Rule, rap and hip hop artists got more and more personal, and their attacks became less and less about the music. From the Wax to the Streets, Beef brought those underground and sometimes violent beefs to your living room. Executive Produced by Quincy "QD3" Jones, III and narrated by Keith David, Beef II continues that tradition of thoughtful, unbiased and entertaining Hip Hop journalism by bringing the new beefs in the game as artists call out the real gangstas in hip hop.

    From labels and lawyers to managers and media. Beef II captures the battles that often rage behind the scenes in the music business. The increasing popularity, profitability and commercialization of rap music has irrevocably changed the tradition of battling within Hip Hop culture. The true Hip Hop battle is no longer a fight to prove one's skills, but a fight to survive in this Billion Dollar Hip Hop Industry. Beef II is a must-own for any true fan or follower of Hip Hop!

    Featuring some of the toughest verbal sparring in hip hop history, BEEF II embraces and exposes some of the biggest feuds in the business. This has proved to be one of the most entertaining aspects of the rap game for fans, but there is genuine feeling in a lot of these words, illustrating how passionate many of the artists are.