L'oreal Ocean's thirteen cannes 2007 Andie McDowel

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Fashion and stars : The concept
All the information you have always dreamt of knowing about ...
From the cinema festival as all over the world
The biggest movie events
And from all the fashion weeks ?

Most particularly about their stars and their fashion broadcasted
in videos, clickable videos, news bulletins and interviews...

With fashionandstars, you will finally get all the information about the stars,
fashion, movies and all the world's glamorous red carpet events

George Clooney Brad Pitt Matt Damon Al Pacino Andy Garcia Festival de Cannes 2007 Kerry Washington Andie Andy Mc mac dowell Andy McDowel loréal loreal l'oreal

Douglas Purcell Ashlee Vingle Andrea Tiede Austin Priester Margaret Travolta Jacquie Barnbrook Tommy Hinkley Michael S. Meldman Jorge Luis Abreu Diana Donaldson Shae Wilson

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