The Glory of High Decani. February 2003. Kosovo


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Film on Kosovo and Metohija by Ninoslav Randjelovic

The Glory of High Decani (20 minutes)

The monastic community of the ancient Serbian Monastery High Decani is one of the last spiritual centers of Orthodox faith in Kosovo today.

During recent years of ethnic conflicts and in the midst of destruction and terror – Monastery High Decani has been a steadfast and safe haven for anyone in dire need, regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Behind the barbed wires, protected by the KFOR troops and rarely visited by civilian population, this monastic community, nevertheless, lives rich and peaceful life, spreading a "good news", the news ever so important for our troubled time: that the true spiritual life and the ultimate diplomacy is "diplomacy of the heart". It is given in our ability to forgive, to show compassion, and to love one another.

The four edifices of the site reflect the high points of the Byzantine-Romanesque ecclesiastical culture that developed in the Balkans between the 13th and 17th centuries with its distinct style of wall painting. The Patriarchate of Peć Monastery is a group of four domed churches, on the outskirts of Peć featuring series of wall paintings. The 13th-century frescoes of the Church of Holy Apostles are painted in a unique, monumental style. Early 14th-century frescoes in the church of the Holy Virgin represent the appearance of the new so called Palaiologian Renaissance style, combining the influences of the eastern Orthodox Byzantine and the western Romanesque traditions. The style played a decisive role in subsequent Balkan art.

Decani Monastery:

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Chanting of the Decani monks:

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UNESCO file about High Decani (with numerous pictures):

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