Kissing You Prom

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This fanvid, I think, is the very favorite of mine that I have made so far. It is very sad, and I have to admit, I cry each time I watch it. It was inspired by episodes 122 through 202 and it showed Brian and Justin during the prom and the bashing. I wanted to portray Brian's feelings towards this chapter of his and Justin's life. This was a very important part of Brian's life for this was when he realized how much he loves the boy...

WARNING: This video is very sad but also remember is it full of love. It portrays Brian and Justin's healing after the bashing.


i loved this scene so much this scene that i never forget
By Aldrin Bernal 5 years ago
omg,the scarf at the end did it for me,i love this video.x
By galefan101 5 years ago
Magnifique !!!! Ta vidéo rend bien compte de la relation entre brian et justin et la détresse de Brian quand justin est bléssé alors qu'il commencé a vraiement s'attacher a lui. Brian est confronté a des sentiments qui lui sont étrangers :pour la 1ère fois de sa vie il est amoureux et se sent impuissant a sauver la personner qui a pris autant d'importence dans sa vie :Justin .
By Parfaite07 5 years ago
A very nice video, i'll look out for the series now. Does the bashed one live?
By Malkavian100 6 years ago
Ok first let me say that this is an awful song I really really hate it -.-
BUT I love your video...I mean you really got all the emotions into it. It's great eventough this shity song.
you've really really done a great job
By Christinaa88 6 years ago