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    Can you spot a Deaf person in midst of mall?

    Nicole Strom

    by Nicole Strom

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    Hello! My name is Carl Schroeder. I could vividly remember my great grandfather who was hard-of-hearing. He told me that it was silly that my sister had hearing aids because she's too deaf. He took her hearing aids and pulled out the batteries. He showed them to me and looked in my eyes, saying that these batteries were not free. They took in a lot of money! Today I could easily say the same for cochlear implants. It is batteries that represent capitalism.
    By kalalau526 years ago
    Hi my name is Jacob Scholl and I am deaf also. I live in Downtown Cincinnati in Ohio. I watch your video This is happen to me all the time so I decide to ahead surgery for Cochlear Implant after that many haering people stop talking about me
    By downtownoh6 years ago
    hello you have sorenson 200 my is 866 949 7537
    By ajcodeaf7 years ago
    I heard story of one my friend..He told me abt In mall He walk outside.then 5 nigga mock him because he is deaf cuban..he started blow up and once punch all 5 nigga ... in one min cop show up.. he told to cop abt 5 nigga made fun him cuz deaf..then cop put 5 nigga in jail.....they never back again
    By blackdeathofspace7 years ago