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il y a 10 ans10.5K views

Hong Kong star Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi / 張柏芝 started in the film industry in 1999 by playing a prostitute in Stephen Chow / 周星馳’s masterpiece, “King Of Comedy / 喜劇之王”. In 2004, she played a character with a similar background in the crime-drama “One Nite In Mongkok / 旺角黑夜”, one of the best movies directed by Derek Yee / 爾冬陞, also starring Daniel Wu / 吳彥祖, Alex Fong / 方中信, Ching Ka-lok / 錢嘉樂 and Lam Suet / 林雪.

This interview, shot in October 2004 is an excerpt of “Au Coeur de la Nuit (In The Heart Of The Night)”, a short documentary (26 minutes) directed by Frederic Ambroisine, with Cecilia Cheung, Derek Yee, actor Alex Fong, Second unit director Jamie Luk / 陸劍明 and music composer Peter Kam / 金培達. “Au Coeur de la Nuit” is available since July 19th, 2006, on the French DVD of “One Nite In Mongkok”. Additional music performed by Claire Lemmon (excerpt of the song “Scary”). www.fredambroisine.com