Harry Potter 7 spoiled

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Over 200 people were waiting in line at Barnes & Noble for the release of Harry Potter 7 and we spoil the ending for them. We used a megaphone to make sure everyone heard it.


oh wow ur guys are so fucked up and hedwig,volmort,fred,HArry (comes back),Tonks,Lunips dies and tonks and lunip gets marred and has a baby boy name teddy.abd ginny and harry and hermoine and ron.Groge lose a ear and becomes holey/Holeness
By PrincessBloom_Blossom 7 years ago
ok, maybe you think THAT was funny, maybe it's just a book for you, but I assure you that... you will rot in hell forever for that :D
But the fact that Hedwig died, nobody cares I think, and that's a book for kid, so it was obvious that HP was going to kill Voldemort.
However, you made a big mistake. Now, 200 people hate you.
By Laure 7 years ago