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    NWO 333 Illuminati utopia theme park


    by neverknwo

    I was so angry after my visit lastnite to the Annual local festival, I had to go buy a video camera and post this crap I go through in my home town every year just to get even. I park my scooter in the same spot year after year until lastnite these Femi-Nazi's decided to push their weight around and treat me as some sort of criminal for simply parking a scooter on a sidewalk for coming to the festival and spend money to eat some dinner. Well today I was armed and the Fat Femi-nazi in her golf cart on the sidewalk was back, plus scooters too.

    The look she gave me when I busted her is pure gold.

    I would like to thank her for making me decide that I have no rights as a customer in her 3 Rivers NWO Illuminati Utopia Theme park town, but I do have the right to take my business and spend my money in another town, someplace else.