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    Is Mitt Romney Distancing Himself From Mormonism?

    Samuel the Utahnite

    by Samuel the Utahnite

    Mitt now says, "I can't imagine anything more awful than polygamy", in addition to claiming that Jesus will only return to Jerusalem. It appears Mormon's golden boy, may not be so golden or even so Mormon, when it comes to politics and running for President.

    He desperately wants and needs the votes of the Evangelicals and he ain't gonna get them being a devout Mormon, that's for sure. In other words, Mitt Romney will say anything to anybody, if it gets him their vote.

    It might be important to point out that there are only around an estimated 5,000,000 Mormons in the US and how many Evangelicals? 5,000,000 Mormons, the majority of witch aren't even active and don't believe the church is true; will not get you elected President.

    So, naturally, he doesn't care if he pisses of the Mormons, because there are others far more important in the long run