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    THE ASSASSIN Theatrical Trailer

    Josh Wick

    by Josh Wick

    THE ASSASSIN (DV/110 min./2007) follows the tragic downward spiral of Devin E. Haqq as John Brown, the junkie, melancholic hit man and recent Iraq Veteran, hired to hit a Japanese nightclub owner for a shadowy, sinister corporation.

    Brown’s cool, meticulous planning is thrown by an accidental encounter with the club’s resident jazz singer, the fragile and beautiful Jessalyn Wanlim.

    Marcus Naylor waits to pounce as Captain Carl Lemming, relentlessly testing the Assassin’s painstakingly crafted alibi until it begins to crack.

    THE ASSASSIN was shot ultra low budget on DV in New York and Brooklyn with a crew of three, using only available light.