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    DANKO JONES - Baby Hates Me


    par Julien

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    ma préférée avec code of the road ;)
    Par NataskcalbIl y a 8 ans
    Ma Musique Préférée des DANKO JONES ^^ , Voici les paroles :

    My favourite situation
    Are always sticky kinds
    I'll be the first to cast stones
    I don’t let sleeping dogs lie

    I’ll sing it from a mountain
    Just take me to the top
    I’ll scream 'til my lungs pop
    I’ll stand here ‘til I drop.

    The feeling, Is Leaving
    It’s all gone, It's decieving
    If we don't stop put me in a coffin
    Cause you and I had absolutely nothing in common

    Baby! I know you hate me
    And you can't shake me

    You make me rock solid, hot and bothered, it don't matter
    I can shake you

    You used to be so special
    Now I’m bored all the time
    You think the same of me too
    Just say it don’t be shy!
    Par osoklebouletIl y a 8 ans