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    Giant Baba and Andre The Giant Vs. Demolition


    by JMontoya9189

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    Frank Cabanski
    The truth is Andre the Giant was really two people: Andre and his brother Renee. Renee stood in for Andre in this match, because Andre was in too much pain to perform. The odd thing is Renee was only 4'8". They used camera tricks to make him appear taller.
    ive noticed that myself ,that happened alot in andre/ baba tag matches where andre carried the match , i dont know myself why he didnt get more involved in wm6 maybe his back was acting up that night
    By 123wwe7 years ago
    Skye Reynolds
    Crazy. At WrestleMania 6, Andre the Giant interfered several times, but was never officially tagged in. Here, he carries the load in the match.

    At WM6, I thought Andre no longer had any stamina and they were trying to hide that fact by having Andre remain on the apron for most of the match. After seeing this, I definitely think Andre should have been tagged in once or twice, just to show that he was still capable of wrestling.
    By Skye Reynolds7 years ago
    Marek Walker
    Great !
    By Marek Walker9 years ago