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    Sonic Hearts - Poor Unfortunate Souls


    by Heather

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    Uh oh, anything with Maleifient has to mean bad news o_o; Cosmo, what have you gotten yourself into this time?
    As a lot of us know, at the end of the Sonic X series*spoiler!*Cosmo dies after asking Tails to shoot her. Well, some how she was able to come back! How? That's the mystery, isn't it? But it seems Maleificent has something to do with it. To be alive, and have a second chance with Tails was all Cosmo could think of. But... unfortunetly, she is more spirit(like an Angel. If you think of All Dogs go to Heaven 2, you may understand the idea) then her physical form. So there would be times where Tails wouldn't be able to see or feel her; so she knows it would be hard for them to be together. But Maleificent seems to have the sallution. All Cosmo has to do, is become a Mobian(this replacing the word human; same with when the song says "merfolk" think of either creatures or plantfolk or something) herself(remember, she's a plant creature from another planet while the planet Tails lives on is inhabited by animal creatures), but she has to give up her voice in return! And without her voice, how will Tails know that its Cosmo? And what exactly is Maleificents plan?

    This was kind of a random idea, but I thought it made a pretty good story. I dought I'll do any other videos based after this, so don't think this is the start of a series.
    I worked very hard on this; about 4 days. I tryed to make it look like they were talking to eachother, so I hope it looks okay. The clips in black and white are like vision(in the cristal ball, or in their head, w/e you want it to be. Just know that they are not the ones sining. Only examples of the words during those points).
    Anyways, hope you guys like it. I'm very proud of it and may be my best vid yet. =)

    Song: Poor Unfortunate Souls
    From: The Little Mermaid