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    Amtrak's Sunset Limited, Beechnut Crossing 7/13/07


    by kanjo007

    This video was originally posted on YouTube (by myself, of course). Here is the text provided from that site:

    Yet another fluke - I wasn't getting any information from Amtrak and I was just supposed to be returning my friend home from another evening engagement. It comes as a relief and as a curse: I was off by only 10 minutes to get a daytime shot of the train in the opposite direction...which meant it was running really late (it was 8 hrs 45 min late into Houston; I feel sorry for the passengers heading to New Orleans because it was 13+ hours late when it finally arrived there). I guess that's why it's called "Friday the 13th." ;) So here's train #1, from NOL to LAX, only 1 hour late.