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    Jilber Fourny - Voici des fruits des fleurs

    Jilber Fourny

    par Jilber Fourny

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    Jilber Fourny chante Julos Beaucarne et les poètes à Ludres (Nancy) accompagné par Frédéric Marlière (images de Serge Joseph) :"Voici des fruits, des fleurs...", poème de Paul Verlaine, Musique de Julos Beaucarne
    In his show "Jilber Fourny sings Julos Beaucarne and the poets", Jilber presents a programme consisting of poems where one half of them is set to music by Julos and the other half by himself.

    This gives us a recital of around thirty songs, in turn serious, tender or funny, where Paul Claudel, Charles Cros, Robert Desnos, Charles Vildrac, Tristan Corbière, René-Guy Cadou, Pierre Seghers are sung side by side.