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Karmo Dines
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My new Naruto AMV. It's about the fight of sasuke and naruto against haku at the bridge. (there he becomes nine-tailed naruto for the first time). Hope you enjoy!

plz rate and comment.

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Wow thank u so much. I'd like to add u as a friend but i dnt know how to
Par Karmo Dines il y a 7 ans
Your very much *WELCOME*^O^!!!I can't believe not alot of people voted on ur video.This vid is soooo*GREAT and AWESOME*in my opinion!!!!*v*
Par ♦◊.kitty.◊♦ il y a 7 ans
Thank you very much ^_^
Par Karmo Dines il y a 7 ans
Love the song!!!GREAT AMV:)!!!!!!!!!!
Par ♦◊.kitty.◊♦ il y a 7 ans