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    par Savoisien

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    Victory Song - Ensiferum

    The plan of invasion
    an Evil deception
    Was made in the halls of the dark kingdom
    To steal their riches
    To slave them all
    To make them kneel for a new God

    The Guard woke up the sleeping men
    With the sound of a bronze horn
    The enemy is getting closer
    So brace yourselves for assault!

    Swords in their hands they killed each and every man
    Who dared to invade their sacred land
    Victory songs are raising in the night
    Telling all of their undying strength and might

    Arrows are raining from the sky
    As brothers fight side by side
    We're outnumbered
    But our destiny is to win

    Fight with the rage of a bear!
    Our homeland!
    Crush every enemy!
    Our victory!