Eric Bischoff vs. Vince Mcmahon - Slamboree 98


by tells3

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No chance in Hell was a WWE produced theme by composer Jim Johnson and i ordered the Live broadcast of this show and Vince had No theme music at all. Everything on here from the dubbed Michael Buffer to the No Chance in hell music was all edited in by WWE 24/7.
By VideoMania08 6 years ago
wcw did use no chance in hell it was not edit in, no chance in hell debuted in 98 they could have got has music from any source
By dj_chucklez 6 years ago
Really dumb to add No Chance in Hell i mean how would WCW have gotten his music and besides this is 1998 No Chance In Hell theme song didn't even debut until the 1999 WWF Royal Rumble
By VideoMania08 6 years ago
Ah, this is the WWE 24/7 version where they edit out Michael Buffer and edit in No Chance in Hell
By Damnumopnglow 7 years ago
no but i guess they were able to get out of the lawsuit.
By Matt 7 years ago
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