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    TERROR IN THE 'GUT' Chertoff should be fired


    by neverknwo

    When Chertoff blamed the media for his failing during Hurricane Katrina?

    Chertoff the right to tell the country that he has a “gut” feeling that we’re going to be hit with a terrorist attack this summer?

    The administration said they had proof Iraq was going to nuke us so we could invade them. Better get Jack Bauer on the case. He’s supposed to protect us and make sure that doesn’t happen. Where does he get off inciting fear throughout this country? He’s not employed to tell us his feeling or his inner child. He should be instructing all of Homeland Security to be on high alert and not try to scare the beejesus out of America.

    This is a calculated move to ratchet up the terror in this country to help Republican candidates—PERIOD. They are far behind in raising money and in all the polls. He should be fired, but of course since he’s being instructed to say these things (sounds like a Cheney/Rove play) he won’t be. What a tool…