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    Youtube sucks

    Jen Z.

    by Jen Z.



    Jeremy Stephenson
    YouTube can burn in HELL!!!! And I'll be waiting for them. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
    By Jeremy Stephenson7 years ago
    Stephen Muckle
    Yeah I noticed that too JackBauer112, I have noticed that several people have been harassing you and your friends over on YT because of the fact that you all are gameshow fans (like myself), in fact I was watching videos on your channel over on Youtube and followed your link to here.
    By Stephen Muckle7 years ago
    Paul Burgos
    I've gotten fed up with YT after they killed my first account, plus when i get those Copyright claims, it totally sucks! I really got pissed at YT when trolls badmouth others and that they post RIP Bob Barker comments which is false because Bob is not dead.
    By Paul Burgos7 years ago
    Stephen Muckle
    I gave up on YT after they deleted me, so I came here. Plus too many idiot trolls on Youtube
    By Stephen Muckle7 years ago
    Voice Actor
    Youtube let young kids invest months of their lives building up channels like Jessari & YoungTubersUnited, they actually FEATURE videos from those channel so that subs run into tens of thousands.... THEN .... they delete the entire accounts with NO WARNING and offer no fair explaination as to why

    This is tantamount to child abuse
    By Voice Actor8 years ago
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