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    Campbell's Diaries: Hot Air or worthwhile reading?

    Mike Rouse

    by Mike Rouse

    Clip 1. The Vox Politix panel discuss Alistair Campbell's diary of The Blair Years which were published today. It has been heavily self-censored and there have been no serialisations or launch parties. Is this book a waste of time and will he publish the missing sections at a later date? Guests are: Paul Goodman, Con MP for Wycombe, Matt Wells, Media Editor at The Guardian, Labour Activist Mark Hanson and Conservative blogger Caroline Hunt.

    Clip 2. The Blogger TV panel provide their thoughts on the role of the blogs in the high profle, up-coming by-election in the constituence of Ealing and Southall in West London. Have they been active and controversial or merely a side-show to the main events?

    Clip 3. In his finish to Up Front Donal Blaney discusses the report to be released on Tuesday 10th July by the Social Justice Gorup led by Iain Duncan Smith. Donal believes New Labour's government has been the "decade of decay" but warns against pulpit preaching which will remind people of the disastrous back to basics campaign.