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    After Live Earth Event in London

    Alice li

    by Alice li



    Alice li
    But as U can see not many Developed Countries have done anything about it
    All they care R $$$ that all NOW! They worried of the Environment. Do U want to know Why?

    Because of the Pertrol Shortage, Water Sea level increase, Icebergs Mealting in North, Sunami, Tornato coming out of nowhere in Singapore twice in a week & CO2 in China Increase in RAPIDLY! This is not Good News at all

    Think about What U Can Do To SAVE EARTH This might be Ur Last Chance
    By Alice li9 years ago
    Alice li
    So Far the BEST SHOWN that "U R Environmental Friendly" is JAPAN.
    Their Critizens really put all those Items into the RECYCLE BIN
    One of them even serperate the bottle's paper from the plastics bottle

    U can see how Environmental Conscious they R. EXCELLENT! @u@
    Do U want to know why R they so Good at it?

    Its the EDUCATION SYSTEM. Don't believe it, BELIEVE IT!
    Japanese has been Educating their people for the past 30 yrs when they R very young even in their Preprimary schools already they know about Recycle
    By Alice li9 years ago
    Alice li
    Said One Thing, Do Another Thing
    That the Hell R U Doing?!

    This is a Disgace of British Empirer
    By Alice li9 years ago
    Alice li
    Amount all the countries involve with LIVE EARTH's Concerts LONDON is the WOREST
    Not because of the Concert itself Its their ACTION

    LONDON is the DIRTIES of all
    Look at the Leftover RUBBISH is EVERYWHERE ON THE FLOOR
    Sooo... This is Your cause of Environmental Friendly
    Don't think SO! LIARS...
    This is Evidence Show to the World that U CARE! I Don't Think So...
    By Alice li9 years ago