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    moore on cnn


    by dollarsandsense123

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    (loool Thank you for sharing it :)
    By aimeeag35 years ago
    jean delatour
    BOYCOTT!!! :)
    By jean delatour7 years ago
    By lightndark9 years ago
    I wanted to share a video with everyone. The company I’m working for is currently working on a Lipton campaign, there are some funny videos they’ve posted…you can find it at Let me know what you think…
    By caramelMangoMan9 years ago
    Please give me a break with closed minded people. When are we all going to wake up and realize that we all love our country. Michael Moore is a patriot and just merely points out flaws in our system. Common people get real. We have to change the system. People in one of the most richest countries in the world are dying from infections from minor cuts because our sytem does not work. Whether you have insurance or not. We have a major problem and all these politicians need to come up with real plans and steps so that we can see which one is serious about getting our beautiful country back on track. Bless you Michael. Keep whining. I hear you.
    By mart15339 years ago
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