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    CSGO - Week #74 Rando Rambos 'One Trick Pony' (Unseenstalkr)

    Evans Nick

    by Evans Nick

    00:20 Introducing the first Rando Rambo - ‘The Jugular Jester’
    00:38 ¼ Speed Headshot - ‘Wrist Flicker’
    00:46 Full Speed then ½ Speed – Indian Chief ‘Running Awp’
    01:00 Skin Glitch – p90 Virus on Awp – Jump Shot No Scope ‘LeTom James’
    01:26 ‘Mr. Scopeless’ – Loveless, put his Scout to the test.
    01:36 ‘One Trick Pony’ – Tied in the song lyrics(Royal Blood!!!) Jump shots Scout Kill
    02:08 Shotgun Running Rampage – ‘Chess Kika’
    02:34 Pistol Round – ‘Tom the Terrible’ – Two Tec9 kills, throw gun away Knife 3k
    03:03 FOR THE RECORD – The only reason I am holding my own sniper rifle is because the enemy team put the first one on the battle field leading 6-3. Big mistake. I still only recorded 3 kills (boxed the stat…) and Tazed the last guy to humiliation and back taking a half time lead on these nubblets. The carry was real.

    ♪♪♪♪♪ Awesome Music Track ♪♪♪♪♪

    Royal Blood - One Trick Pony

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    Thanks for Watching my only two friend/fans!!!

    Looking toward uploading - Don’t Starve Together - chapters. (Thanks to Azura for the purchase) With all the mods and characters to select from as well as ways to increase difficulty I bet we could put up a few couple week long feeble attempts at survival. Tune in for the laughs if nothing else! And Remember…

    Cool Guys Look at Explosions

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