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    by eternalwings

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    Emillie Delavande
    J'aime la musique, merci !!!
    Et bon montage.
    I love a sing !!!
    good movie.
    By Emillie Delavande7 years ago
    Charlotte Spas
    Oh my god, THAT was great ! I got the same idea, but I was too lazy to do it (and because the Doctor/Master kiss that I was dreaming of never happened for the "fuck and kiss you both at the same time" part :'[ )
    However, you did a very great job !
    I just love Simm's master, I think it's the best villain ever...maybe because he rocks, witch is pretty uncommon for a villain.
    I-WANT-MORE ! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!

    (and I just love the scissor sisters by the way, I was literaly bouncing when I heard the song in the episode...)
    By Charlotte Spas8 years ago
    kevin preston
    By kevin preston8 years ago