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    Diagram of the Dynamics of the Physical Embodiment of Desire

    Adam Chapman

    by Adam Chapman

    Diagram of the Dynamics of the Physical Embodiment of Desire, is a generative video installation about the tension within the experience of anticipation. The piece models the movement and dynamics of water rolling down a windowpane. These rules are applied to colored forms that move down the visual field of the projection. These dynamics are altered so that the discrete elements periodically form drawings of birds in flight. A tension is created between the merging of the drops as well as the forming of more legible images. Every second of the installation is uniquely generated by the rules of the system; a complete, one-hour cycle forms more than fifty drawings.

    The work is projected onto a large piece of paper that is pinned to a wall.

    There is a complimentary series of Individual Diagrams (in the form of size-variable, wall-mounted, looped DVDs). These individual drawings are framed and mounted like a traditional drawing and are also projected onto paper.