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    Brock F5's Big Show Into Table

    Kaz Da Gr8 1

    by Kaz Da Gr8 1

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    it is obvios he uses steroids he hardly going to go saying he use em on tv
    By mystic_mushroom8 years ago
    he dosent use steriods he used to when he was training to be in the wwe he just works out like hell
    By moe8 years ago
    wwf4eva ure completly rite. wwe is shite wwf was brilliant attitude days. 8 yrs ago people like cena, mysterio would never be intercontinental nevermind heavy weight.
    By mavolski078 years ago
    Just reading loads of comments on vids and I can understand why everyone hates rahulee13! Firstly he is a Cena fan which means he don't know shit about wrestling, secondly he is truly a retard, "I never knew lesnar used steroids!" LMAO! How fucken stupid can you be? Most of the wrestlers used Steriods! Next he will say that Scott Steiner never touched them!
    By WWF4EVA8 years ago
    Rahul Vinod
    i never new that lesnar used steroids!!!!!!!!
    By Rahul Vinod8 years ago