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    yeah nigga that is right HURRICANE you put shreveport on tha map now so ya'll otha states get like us bitches cause i am from tha ratchet city.
    According to Hurricane Chris, "A Bay Bay" has its genesis in the namesake of the Ratchet movement's cornerstone DJ, Hollyhood Bay Bay, who spins at a club called KoKo Pellis (Shreveport, Louisiana) . Whenever the DJ would come in the club the crowd would start chanting "hey Bay Bay, hey Bay Bay." After a while the crowd would do the chant whenever the club got ratchet regardless of who was on the wheels of steel.

    "That became so catchy that I changed it from somebody's name to a slang 'A Bay Bay'," says Hurricane Chris. "Now it's a word, it means fa sho."

    "Everybody likes 'A Bay Bay' because it's different," says Hurricane Chris. "It's real catchy. And it's something you can say. I bet that its gonna be a baby's first word because it's so catchy. It gets stuck in your head the first time you hear it. Everybody [can] relate to it, white folks, black folks, hustlers and thugs."

    mint sng!!!
    Par ShawtieIl y a 8 ans
    a bay bay thats a hot joint my brother we say a baaaaaaaaaay baaaaayyyy :)
    Par SelektatoyIl y a 8 ans
    a bay bay a bay bay !!!! si si
    Par s'tigunIl y a 8 ans
    hfjfdwnmjkwejwcjcjdv woo thats crazy shit yeeeeeewaserftgfrdes
    Par red_method_manIl y a 8 ans
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