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    MTV- Station ID#1

    Shaun Harrison

    by Shaun Harrison

    This was a project created at Savannah College of Art & Design in Network Design class. I had the task of rebranding the look of Music Television.

    The direction I chose to go I entitled "Remember When..." this was based on my research of the network through interviews with those within the target audience of MTV and outside. A pattern of response came up saying how the old MTV was missed and things that they wished was brought back. This idea of nostalgia was placed within the branding of my MTV look though through with a more modern take. The idea was to bring back ideals of old through updated methods, giving the audience a sense of "rememberance" without becoming a total period piece and look as if it belongs or was created in a previous time.

    The first treatments were bringing back the video game pixelated and bitmapped look. This was done by drawing pixel by pixel each color and each frame (very teadious), this changed the initial design a bit seeing as the time constraints wouldn't allow me to complete such a teadious task in time.

    The phrase "I am MTV" was also coined from my research seeing as MTV has brached beyond just music to include and showcase different aspects of its target audience life through different programing, each person seemed to like the network for a different reason. So "I am MTV" takes us through a series of representations of persons that represent the viewing audience withint the design aesthetic.