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    Video Letters to Jason 30 Intro


    by Zaranyzerak

    For those of you who have been curious about the whole "Video Letter thing" I was talking about in my Video Blog, here is one of the most recent intros I put together for them.

    Retro video game fans might want to take note - there are several clips from some classic 80's video game commercials in one section of this video (originally captured by me from a bunch of my old TV tapes).

    The Video Letter footage was originally recorded straight to the computer, patching my Digital8 camera in through a USB 2.0 connection. The intro itself was edited using Ulead Video Studio 9.0, the 3D Starfield was created with Lightwave 3D 7.0, the 3D titles were created using Ulead Cool 3D 1.0, and the music is from an old Sega Dreamcast game called Slave Zero.