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    Video Letters to Jason Update II Intro


    by Zaranyzerak

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    Here's another Video Letter Intro, this time from one of the "Update" editions. The Updates were usually shorter editions, to quickly give each other the latest news in between the "regular" editions of our Video Letters. That said, this update had a total running time of almost 13 hours when it was all done. So much for being short!

    I had recently acquired my first Playstation 2 and wanted to show it off, since Jason is as big a video game freak as I am and I knew he would enjoy a look at my new toy in action. So this intro is comprised almost entirely of clips from the various PS2 games I showed him in the video letter - Red Faction, Onimusha: Warlords, ATV Offroad Fury and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

    I still didn't have a computer that I could do editing with, so this one was edited entirely tape-to-tape. Fortunately, Digital8 gives you frame accurate timecode, so I was able to use the timecode as a guide for syncing up the music with key points in the video. The machine-gun editing clips were a pain to do with this editing method, but I think they turned out pretty good. This really shows you just HOW precisely you can edit with a Digital8 camcorder if you have no other options!

    The titles were done with DeluxePaint IV on my Amiga 2000. This will give you some idea of how behind the times I was - this video was originally made in 2002. And I was still using my Amiga 2000 as my main computer! A little later that year, I got an old P3 that became my main system.

    I managed to dig up the original footage and just finished a nicely remastered version (which is the version presented here), redoing the audio digitally as well. Previously, the audio was all mixed together in analog with my audio mixer. This version sounds much cleaner. The music is a rocking instrumental techno piece by Lunatic Calm from the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation soundtrack.

    I also have a "Making Of" video about how I put this together, which you can find in my other videos.