Fox News: Youth Christian Americans Turning To ISLAM


by mfanaji

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Fox News: Young Christians have abandoned their faith to embrace the teachings of Islam.

The number of Europeans, Americans Latinos and Africans converting to Islam is growing rapidly

check it out !!

CNN WORLD NWES: Islam is the fastest-growing religion

Islam is Fastest Growing Religion in United States:

Times on line: Thousands of british people convert to islam every year:

Why European women are turning to Islam:

Washington-Report: The Nation's Fastest Growing Religion

Washington Post: Islam Luring More Latinos¬Found=true

Islam - World's Fastest Growing Religion

Many Converts to Islam Homepage:

More Sources: %20ory=3&orderby=counterA


peace be with you from Christ Jesus

brother Assalaamu Alaikum why were you banned for you tube
By 00grayfox00 6 years ago
I want to convert to islam how can I?
By magedology 6 years ago
"Chacun de nous peut sortir de cette prison de vices, de mensonges et d’hypocrisie !

Ouvrez vos cœurs votre intelligence et votre âme au Seigneur, entrez dans Son Amour de Père Très Aimant.

c une blague? je respect vos croyance l'islam me le demande mais si tu es si chrétiens ke sa tu loupe t engagement ou tu reflete limage dun chrétien ? celui de rabaissez les gens ki croive en Dieu et kon na rien avori avec les attentas k ise passe? veu tu dnc rabaissez ses sages ki respect t croyance? car pr moi femme musulmanne etudiant le coran et la torah mno coeur c'est deja ouvert en islam tu demande douvrir ton coeur tu ne la mm pa fai ds ta religion ? t serieu?
je termine en te dizan ke japrecie c chrétiens ki ne rabaisse pa les otres et ki comprenne le message de la bible ki dit kil ne fo pas rabaisser otrui et ne pa se croire supérieur car Dieu seul l'ai et tu te dis chrétiens bah g pa du parlé avec les bons alors ....
By voix-du-coeur 7 years ago
Brother mfanaji
Assalaamo Aliakum
I am very upset why youtube has suspended ur account; as I know ur all videos and comments were always ethical and moderate and I do not see any reason why shud dey suspend ur a/c. pls email me at canjopak at yahoo dot com

Allah bless u and reward u for ur great services for Islam
By TRUUTHZ 7 years ago
Salaam mfanaji wat happented to ur account on youtube plz get back to me regarding this issue, I think they took it off cause they don't like ur vids spreading the truth.
By 2pack 7 years ago
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