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    MOERMAN Daniel
    Phone : + 33 327 834 573 GSM : + 33 671 011 888 E mail :

    Object : Wall fixed and sliding iron board system

    It’s allows to pass from the vertical position to the horizontal position (and lives versa) in 1 or 2 seconds thanks to a simple system that meets the supports and sliding function.

    The lockings, lighting, connection and nutrition cut electric are done automatically

    Needs : 60 or 70 centimeters of avaible wall in a linen or laundry room.

    Advantages :
    Unfold and withdrawn board quickly, immediately arranged after service
    Few obstruction, thickness be 8 or 9 cm, width 40cm, large 150 cm
    No movement from one place to another in order not to bother
    No difficulties and risks for the manipulations
    Ambidextrous service
    Positioned iron on the plate or on a next wallsupport (a 2nd in the house )
    Integrated steamer (thickness 7 cm) with vapour iron)
    Heating and sucking function (optional extra)

    Up to date, no progress was realized outside of this I have just perfected.

    To day drills, screwing and fixing allow placing this wall ironing system oneself
    4 wall ironing boards are currently in service, 2 with plant for vapour extra-punt and 2 without this equipment. None of the 4 using would like to now separate some, even against a super product to be posed with 1000 USD, it is you to say the impact that this product has and will have in its industrialized version.

    Best regards

    D. Moerman.