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    Erik Mortensen

    by Erik Mortensen

    The primary goal of The Steadward Centre is to provide adults with physical disabilities with opportunities to improve their health, lifestyle, physical fitness and / or athletic performance. In an attempt to accomplish this goal, the following objectives have been established:

    To provide regular fitness evaluations for adults with physical disabilities.
    To design and prescribe group and individual training programs based on the specific needs, interests and abilities of each individual.
    To supervise and monitor group and individual programs.
    To design instructional and resource materials, equipment and techniques used in the assessment and implementation of programs for adults with physical disabilities.
    To carry out research studies in the areas of fitness, sport training & conditioning and motor performance for adults with physical disabilities.
    To expose students, coaches, teachers and other interested individuals to the most up-to-date information available in the areas of sport and fitness for individuals with physical disabilities.
    To promote fitness as an important component in the daily routine of adults with physical disabilities.