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Bret Hart pissed off after the Montreal Screwjob


por BHH

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Right after the match at Survivor Series Bret Hart was really pissed.

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Alundra Blaze put the Womans Title in the trash, completely killing all womans competition in WWE for years. Bret wanted to be WWF champion while selling out to the WCW. Bret is the biggest sellout in WWF history, and also had no respect for the title, his competitors, and definitely not for the company, just like those before him Nash, and Razor. WWE was just protecting the championship. Bob Bucklund had to give up the title, but he said hell no, and did it on his terms. Look at Bret what a pathetic excuse for a wrestler. Bob said hell no to Hulk taking his championship, and like I said did it on his terms by only allowing Iron Shield the chance to face him as being the only worthy in his eyes. That is true love for this sport. Bret didn't give a crap, he held back WWE so long I was so glad he left. He was like a prissy choir boy hanging out in a College Dorm, so everyone is trying to have fun but Bret the stinky no good sand in his vagina refused to do a damn thing for the company in the wake of the WCW threat. I say top 5 reason WWF won WCW, was Bret going to them. With him gone, Attitude finally could come to full fruition, which of course would have never happened with him around.
Por Matthew Spencer Em abril
Shawn has admitted many times that he knew about what was going to happen. Shawn said Vince told him that he should let Vince take the blame and all the heat. About HHH its common knowledge that he was one of the few people that knew it in advance but I dont recall ever hearing HHH talkin about the Screwjob.
Por BHH Há 7 anos
It was way out of order what Vince did to Bret Hart. Up till this day Shawn Michaels and HHH still deny having anything to do with the Montreal Screw Job
Por Donaldson-D Há 7 anos
shawn was in on it, so was hebner, so was brisco, so was triple h, steph, x-pac, the whole clique was in on it... look for "wrestling with shadows" for the whole story.
Por coogors Há 7 anos
it's the best wrestler of all time
Por tzamzar Há 8 anos
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