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    Chris Benoit Tributes From WWE Raw - Announcers Views


    by skaterkee

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    R.I.P. Benoit!!!...
    By Kenneth8 years ago
    Thanks Chris Benoit.. wacthing you for 18years.. I will never forget those memories you have given the fans around the world. i will always remember as a WRESTLER , I will always remember you
    By PersianWolverine8 years ago
    I totally agree with countrylass619 it is completely disrespectful of WWE by taking his name off the page..RIP Benoit and family, forget Vince you will live in our hearts forever.
    By thatbwoii8 years ago
    YOU must roit in hell not him. He gave his life to wrestling.
    By Chris....8 years ago
    This show didn't take place in the end all Wrestlers were sent home at the last minute due to none of them being fit or able to wrestle due to the breaking news that followed that day,now I think its disqusting of the WWE to take Chris's name off all of his Title Resign's and take his Superstar page off WWE.COM and any other information on him has been removed as well,THE WWE obviously don't give two shit's about their Fan's or Wrestler's cos if they did then they wouldn't be treating Benoit's name like this no matter what he did at the end of the day yes he made a mistake and he's payed for it but come on treating his name like Shit is beyond the joke!yet they get a fix and joke by faking Their Own Father's Death now come on thats low and I'm sorry but by the end of next year if the storylines carry on this way then they will go bank rupt due to fans walking away from it.
    By countrylass6199 years ago