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    SmackDown.13.10.2006 - Mr.Kennedy Vs Chris Benoit - US.Title


    par mvpy2jrvd

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    You may not like this but there's a few things I need to enlighten you on. 1: you don't screw the undertaker and walk away still breathing. 2: If K.K. spent half as much time wrestling as he did talking out of his ass, he may actually be the better man against Benoit. 3: People love interference for the most part - that's why you hear the cheers whenever anyone comes running to the ring. So you are in a minority.
    Par TheArtisanMosaicIl y a 8 ans
    garth leslie robinson
    A great match/scrap and K.K. gave back as good as he took from C.B. but yet again the interference crap was allowed to come in to it.It really is time that this crap was put a stop to as it only keeps doing more damage to wrestling than it gives some viewers pleasure.
    Par garth leslie robinsonIl y a 8 ans