Dekatron Dohickie

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Okaya/Rodan DK23 dekatron do-hickie flashing all 4 patterns, selectable by pushing the little button up front. Patterns are (1) Standard Pendulum, (2) Watch Balance [looks jumpy here due to video frame rate, but much smoother in real life], (3) Jellyfish, and (4) Radar. Much more fun than a simple spinner ! All the patterns slowly precess clockwise. Safe too. Runs from either 12VDC or 9VAC (50 or 60Hz).


The DK23 is a Japanese dekatron. If you compare to dekatrons made in other parts of the world, you'll see the quality workmanship, that made the Japan the industrial king during the 70s and 80s. These tubes, however, where made in the 50s. It just was an indicator of things to come. A dekatron was an integrated circuit, before that term was used. It also wasn't a semiconductor.
By threeneurons 7 years ago
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By music24seven 7 years ago