Dekatron Gauge - Color Organ Mode

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This is a circuit that uses a dekatron as an analog readout. Ironic, since a dekatron is a digital (though ancient) device. Its rigged with a microphone input to sample audio and convert it to a glowing arc. In reality, only one dot, of the dekatron's 30, is glowing at any one time. The AVR Tiny44 circuit steps the dot, back and forth, at a high rate, to form the glowing arc.


Some might believe that modern electronics started with semiconductors, which were crapped out of some aliens ass. If so, believe what you will. But the groundwork for semiconductor technology goes back to the early 1900's. FET transistors where even conceptualized back in the 20's. If you talk to old timers, and review old documents, you'll see that it all came from a zillion baby steps, not Roswell, New Mexico.
By threeneurons 7 years ago
Dekatrons a part of computer and electronics history. These tubes are bi-directional counters, which could be used for counting, as well as adding and subtracting. The tubes can be cascaded. Each tube counts upto 10. If you cascade 6, then you can count to a million. These are the vacuum tube versions of ICs.
By threeneurons 7 years ago
By music24seven 7 years ago