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    My last breath


    by Em

    An AU Marco and Ellie Video, Marco walks in on Ellie cutting not Paige the Basic Story of this video is, Ellie starts to cut and one morning Marco walks in on her cutting in the bathroom. She begins to avoid him to avoid him confronting her but a few days later she bumps into him at the Dot. Marco confronts her outside and she tells him to mind his own buisness and storms off. The next day at school Marco finally gets the chance to confront her and she talks to him about her cutting but convinces him shes fine and shes trying to stop. They become friends again and the next night they are talking on the phone when Ellie gets cut off. Marco is worried so he goes over to her house and when no one answers the door he lets himself in only to find Ellie cleaning up bottles of Vodka and her mother passed out on the sofa. The next day he tries to convince Ellie that she shouldn't have to look after him mom but Ellie doesn't want to confront her or tell her father. Ellie is still cutting and when Marco asks to see her arm she unwillingly shows him and he realises her cutting is worse than he though. Worried about his friend Marco goes to see Miss Sauve the school councillor after school the next day. Meanwhile Ellie wakes up to find her mother has set the house on fire and is passed out in the kitchen. she tries desperatly to prevent the fire getting worse but it does and she drags her mother to safety. After the fire Everything gets to much for Ellie and she tried to kill herself but ends up in hospital instead where she begins to recieve therapy for her cutting and starts to try and stop with Marcos support. (I don't own Degrassi, this video was made purely for entertainment) The description isn't as good as on the original upload but it covers the basics. (Disclaimer: I Don't own Degrassi, This video was made purely for entertainment)