Chemtrails in the Netherlands


door TLNNL

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Chemtrails in the Netherlands, Apr-Jun2007.

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This one was in my favorites:

This one is also very good "Aerosol Attack":
Door TLNNL 7 jaren geleden
Whoa, that contrail at 2:09 looks like the donuts-on-a-rope contrail some people think are made by some high-tech military jets like the Aurora or some other pulsejet.
Door markerpenkey 7 jaren geleden
Lucky you... How do you get to do that? Do you need to know the right people, pay someone off? How did you find the movie?

I knew that one would make you laugh. :P
Door LetsGetGroovy 7 jaren geleden
SiCKO?! saw that movie on June 15 2007, before it was in the cinemas. ^_^

Moral objections to (C)-work, hahahahahaha.... U R Funny!
Door TLNNL 7 jaren geleden
Hehe, I'm not a wizz when it comes down to chemicals and its effects on the weather. But I don't think the government has enough incentive or capacity to modify the sky in such a way, as long as the official response holds up, I'm not going to get too worried.

It's not really what I wanted to say though, DM account "Miss_Sourire532" has uploaded the full sicko movie.


I don't know if the movie interests you: moral objection to (C) work, and it's mainly meant for Americans.

I'm not an American either, I just watched the movie and think it was definitely worth the time.
Door LetsGetGroovy 7 jaren geleden
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