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    The Tom and Sean Show - Episode 1


    by Zaranyzerak

    "The Uncreative Episode"

    After the 2-year success of their worldwide talk radio show, Tom and Sean decide to bring their unique style of humour to the unsuspecting television viewing public! But they quickly realize the key to success in television is to be able to outdo and improve upon one's self on a regular basis. So they don't want to be TOO creative in their first episode...that might entertain people too much.

    Originally shot on hi-fi VHS in two days, the first in late 1998 and the second in early 1999, the show was never completed in its entirety. In September 2005, I took everything we had shot and edited it all together into 6 episodes of varying length. Overall, it's not entirely what we originally intended the show to be (there were going to be a lot more pre-planned skits and less improvised stuff), But we just ran out of time and weren't able to complete it (I was moving to another part of the country a few days after our last shoot) That said, I do think there are some funny moments to be found. A strange animal to be sure, and at the very least it gave me the chance to try out my new (at the time) editing software.