Lou Dobbs on Glenn Beck Show?


by CindyPDX

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On very rare occasions, I watch Glenn Beck Show on the CNN Headline Prime News Channel

I recorded this bit from his show on Saturday, June 30, 2007 and was surprised to see Lou Dobbs on Becks' show.
Why?? Because Glenn Beck (a Republican himself ) is a bit of a "Bush-Butt-Kisser", and LOU DOBBS is NOT.

In this clip Dobbs says a derogatory comment about Bush.. and I don't think Beck liked that!
You hear it coming out from Dobbs about 8 minutes into this video.
I love how Dobbs says: " and this excuse for a President... "
Then listen to how Beck responds to Dobbs remark.. LOL

More about Glenn Beck from CNN Headline News here:

More about Lou Dobbs from CNN here:

Both men have their own shows run by CNN but they are run on separate TV Channels.