Ox Malford Gets Hunted by Illegal Aliens?

Ms. Divine
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Synopsis-Ox malford is in charge of Homeland Security and is on a hunt to catch some "suspicious" looking individuals whoom he believes is hiding out in a strange apartment. After breaking in, he comes to the realization that it is he who is being hunted?
Who is shooting at him? Is it the Indians? Can it be the Illegal Immigrant Aliens? Or maybe Ox Malford is just a victim of his own paranoias about these "suspicious" individuals.
Running Time:00:9:46
Credits: All work by Ms. Divine
If you are interested in these little sketches, why not visit my website at http://www.msdivine.net">http://www.msdivine.net">http://www.msdivine.net for more sketch films that I did with even more characters that I acted as.