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    Guerilla Black feat Hot Dollar- Whatever


    by guerilla_black

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    Rich Mundo
    These fools got me feeling like Kimbo Slice, So Im firing the whole entourage, How the Fuck I lose the Silverback Guerilla, I think it was a set up, SO FUCK THE CLUB, FUCK THE WHIPS, time to Eat niggas whole face, Shit dont make sense, I praccticed adn practiced, Had too many Don Kings around me, I know the money is me, But I dont fucking Lose, Yall Better Check MJ rules, I dont Drool, But dont confuse me wiht a fucking housecat, Im teh Big Tiger, Not TYGA, but when Im in GA, Im a PIt, Cause I know These Crackers Black and White SIck, and They can't get shit from ME
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    Ouai parce que les sweat qu'ils ont c'est pas du BWS... Je vois deja venir les Pro G Unot, les Pro G Unit aussi d'ailleurs
    By Lyrix548 years ago
    Yeah !! Guerilla Black !! Pour une fois pas de probleme BWS ou G Unit... Just Brazil & Wilmington Records, de Big Fase... D'ailleurs inexistant ces derniers temps...
    By Lyrix548 years ago