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    Cheap Trick - Wherever Would I Be


    por Miguel

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    Donde estaría sin ti?
    Si no te tuviera a ti
    Lo que sea que hiciera
    Donde estaría sin ti?

    When my world is turning
    when it's turning upside down
    when all i see is rain
    when i think the night won't end
    i just think of you
    and i can see the sun again
    * wherever would i be without you, tell me
    if i didn't have you
    whatever would i do now baby
    whatever would i be without you
    i'd be nowhere i'd be nowhere
    when the dreams i dream
    all seem a million miles away
    when i'm sure i'll never win
    when it's looking like i've left my faith
    i just look at you baby
    and i got reason to believe again
    * repeat
    without you to love me
    i'd just be wasting time
    and goin' out of my mind
    * repeat x3