Carl Fontana

René Laanen

door René Laanen

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Here is the only place that has a high quality live stream
Door Toughaccordion3831Laatste februari
Just terrific. Thanks!
Door robnroth4 jaren geleden
he is the most original, pure and sweet --it just pours out freely ! enough talent for a hundred! thanks for the awesome video--luv vstarsteve
Door vstarsteve6 jaren geleden
Steve Huffsteter
If you love Carl, check out the "Live at the Royal Palms" series of CDs [and now on video] at Woofy Records, done about the same time as this video. I'm especially fond of the one in the series that we did together.
-Steve Huffsteter
Door Steve Huffsteter6 jaren geleden
I was just out side watching the sunset go down ;while you know; playing my trombone.Just after that I listend to fontana vidio wow!what a night! Great playing!!!!!
Door sattlerbone7 jaren geleden
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