Homer 3D

Chante Smith
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Patty and Selma are about to visit the Simpson family for dinner. Homer panics and searches for somewhere to hide. He discovers the bookcase in the living room, remarking "I haven't looked behind this before". While hiding himself, he discovers that behind the bookcase is a gateway to the third dimension and goes in there.

Homer explores the peculiar area while searching for a method to escape it. Marge calls around Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, Professor Frink, Chief Wiggum and Dr. Hibbert to help Homer get out of the dimension. Because of an accident involving one of the many 3D objects flying around, the third dimension starts to collapse into a black hole, taking Homer and other objects closer to it with increasing force, while Professor Frink outside explains to the others that Homer is in the third dimension. Chief Wiggum, enraged, shoots the wall that Homer passed into when entering the 3-D universe, but the bullets just get sucked into the black hole after narrowly missing Homer, making the force of the black hole grow bigger. Bart, getting tired of waiting for Homer, ties a safety rope around his waist and goes into the third dimension to save him, despite Marge's objection. Bart yells at Homer that he has to jump to get hold of Bart, so that they can escape. Homer agrees and tries to, but falls short and into the singularity, yelling "Craaaaap!", and Bart ends up back in the house thanks to his safety rope pulled by Wiggum, Ned, Lovejoy, Frink, Grampa, and Hibbert after the third dimension collapsed on itself. Bart tells the truth about what happened, much to Marge's dismay. At that rate, Lovejoy assures her that Homer has gone to a better place. Homer finds himself in an even more terrifying world: the real world. He then sees a shop named "Erotic Cakes" and he forgets his troubles, while the humans are staring at him in disbelief.

20th Century Fox Television


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By Thelonious Mac Last year
It's missing the bit, and possibly it's best quote: Professor Fink: "Here is an ordinary square..."
Chief Wiggum: "Whoa, whoa... slow down, egghead!"
By Geordie Wood 2 years ago
I remember tailers for this way back in the day. Thanks for postig.
By catholiccontriversy 2 years ago