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    Christine Evans

    by Christine Evans

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    Bernd Schwab
    Very Good, sorry i'm not speak English
    By Bernd Schwab8 years ago
    Aaron Matthew Kaiser
    Daniel, don't be discouraged! I've participated in other competitions before and when I won "Best Film of San Diego" in the 48 Hour Film Project 2004, it was very similar where our production quality was far superior to everyone else's. The next year that I competed, I had raised the bar and could not secure a second win because everyone was expected to produce higher quality work. Just consider this incentive. It's really more about the storytelling than the technical quality (although, I admit that doesn't hurt).

    I'd also like to offer feedback to anyone that asks it about their video. I saw positives and negatives about each one and if anyone wants to discuss with me, just send me a message on MySpace ( and we'll chat.
    By Aaron Matthew Kaiser8 years ago
    I really don't mean to sound like a sore loser, but how did the rest of us even have a chance against Kaiser's video? The rest of us didn't have established film studios to use, just a camera and little bit of luck with an editing program online. If we had known we were supposed to be making an actual, professional looking music video, we probably wouldn't have even tried.

    I personally thought the dude who made the 3D'ish one was the most original.

    Meh, I sound too much like the dude who loses in pick-up basketball all the time.

    Congrats to Aaron for his win. It was a good video.
    By Daniel8 years ago
    Aaron Matthew Kaiser
    Our team has wrapped principal photography. We will be editing over the next two days and hope to upload on Saturday. Woot!
    By Aaron Matthew Kaiser8 years ago
    just wondering...who else is planning on submitting a video?
    By filmfreakk9 years ago
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